Sunday, May 10, 2009

Making a Difference-Elaina's Story

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and for those of you who aren't aware, I am trying to do my part in raising awareness! There are so many people out there with Lyme, it's downright scary. But on my journey, I have met some amazing people and these posts are devoted to them and what they are doing to raise awareness.

So, I would like you to say hello to Elaina, our next wonderful Lymie who is lending her helping hand this month.
A little about Elaina and what she is doing:

Elaina is 13 years old and first came down with Lyme Disease in October of 2007. Her initial symptom was a chronic migraine that would not go way. Because of that, she had to quite playing soccer and soon after, became bedbound with chronic pain. Elaina, like many lymies in her situation, saw multiple Doctors and tried many therapies including Cranial Sacreal Work and Hippo therapy. Since then, she has gotten great support and education through this battle including the site where we met!
"It took me 8 months of education and slow acceptance to understand that my doctors were not cooperating." Finally, her mother on a whim went to a Lyme support group and realized that this was what Elaina had.

From there on, they pursued testing and finally after 1 year of being sick, had a full and definite diagnosis and started on treatment. "This was in September '08, After 1 year of delusional MD.s and two tests through a local lab, both proving negative for Lyme! Now I have been on treatment 1/2 a year and most likely will be for awhile."

Since then, Elaina has been participating in raising awareness in her local community. Some of the things she has been doing in the month of May are putting together screenings of the Lyme documentary Under Our Skin in and around her area, meeting with the Governor of New Hampshire which included him signing a legal proclamation that May is New Hampshire Lyme Awareness Month for 2009, constantly wearing the bright Lime green color helps which helps engage people into conversation, making educational brochures to pass around, bringing the Lyme controversy to schools and educating them on the dangers of the disease, and so much more!
I have to say, when I heard about ALL that she has done, I was totally blown away! It's very admirable that despite how she feels, she can go out and hold her own when it comes to this horrible disease.

When asked why she feels raising awareness is important, Elaina had this to say; "It is a necessary duty to raise awareness of this illness to me because of the battle I've undergone with the unknowledgeable medical systems. i also believe that it is important that you try with sincere effort to stem any issues in the first place with proper prevention and precaution, which most people have the wrong idea with in the first place. People need to protect themselves so it doesn't happen, and if it does end up happening they need to know the right way to approach the medical community, and the right things to do for it!"

Despite all that Elaina has done to better her community against Lyme, she still wishes she could do more. "Education is the most important thing to the country now, although the medical system may not change immediately!"

Thanks to Elaina for making a difference!

Love and Energies.


Judy said...

You write the most wonderful stories and posts. I hope you are doing well.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Great post - it's inspiring to see people battling through their health problems and doing what they can to raise awareness for others!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Great post - it's inspiring to see people battling through their health problems and doing what they can to raise awareness for others!