Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mailbox Monday

It's Mailbox Monday again!! Yay yay yay yay =] However, for this Mailbox Monday I thought I would do something different. Not only am I going to tell you what I received in the mail this past week, BUT, I'm going to also introduce you to a week-long blog series I have put together on a very great cause I helped out!

I know, great right!?

Well first of all, lets tell you what I got in the mail:

Part 1:

1. As you all know, I did a contest and a feature for Melissa of ElegantRoseBoutique on Etsy last week. Well Melissa was so sweet and sent me one of her Incredible All Natural Chocolate Mint Essential Oil Soap Bars! Thank you Melissa =] I can't wait to use it!

2. I had won a contest for one bottle of Sweet Leaf Tea and another buy one get one free coupon from Sweeps 4 Bloggers and that came on Saturday along with a cute little sticker! I love that stuff because it's completely natural and it's one of the only ones I can drink(and if it's not, my mum or sister can always enjoy the coupons!)^.^

Part 2:

I do believe I should explain the situation before I tell you what I got. I will do a separate blog to divulge more into what I'm doing, but so you get the gest of the whole thing, my friend who lives in California works with endangered African animals. One of the big animals they focus on is the elephant and they were having a banquet to raise money for the organization she belongs to.

One of the major things was they had both an auction and a silent auction to raise money for the elephants, so I asked if I could contribute something to the auction. When she said of course, I went in search of the perfect components for the bracelet I wanted to make and this is what I got!

1. A sterling silver elephant charm from none other then PerfectPartz on Etsy! when I saw this lovely elephant, I knew right away it was 'The One' for my bracelet.

2. A sterling silver double bracelet toggle clasp from Beadware IL on Ebay. If your not familiar with the company name, their user name is Wooden_Flower. Again, it was 'The One' for the bracelet that was forming in my mind =]

3. Last but not least, I wanted to put symbolizm into my bracelet. So I went in search of the perfect stone beads and I found them at 24 Hour Gems on Ebay. Their username is the same as their store, 24hourgems.

For my week long series, I will be featuring these three companies and doing a review of the products I got. So keep checking back for more!

Love and Energies.

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