Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mailbox Monday

So as you can tell, Heath Advice has moved from it’s Monday slot to Thursday slot on The Eclectic Element if you didn’t get the memo on last Thursday’s post.

And if you did get the memo, this was the new feature I was talking about!

**Mailbox Monday**

I figured, “Hey, I love getting things in the mail and I know a lot of other people do too(Except bills; No one likes bills), so why not share my mail with everyone!?” So here it is! Mailbox Mondays =]

This will be held each Monday and I will share what I got in the mail for the whole previous week. Of course if it’s just a random piece of junk mail, I won’t waist your time and mine with sharing it with you. Unless of course it’s too funny not to share like the planned pregnancy packet I got back in my Freshman year of high school. Lol

So what did I get in the mail this week you ask?! Well, last Monday when I had come home from my doctor’s appointment, I was feeling quite bad emotionally and physically. But then the mail came and boy was it a surprise! It was like Christmas had come early and the mailbox was the underside of the tree ^.^ It cheered me right up!

All the packages in the mailbox that day were what I had won in previous weeks contests. They ALL came on the same day! What a coincidence is that?!

I got:

*A pair of stunning earrings from LoChristine along with a very heartfelt message that was included in the package.

*My funky charcoal beret from CaitiJo

*Of course the amazing owl pocket mirror from Iszle with it’s beautifully presented black drawstring bag.

I plan to do product reviews and features for all of these items so make sure to keep checking back too see what I’m up to next =]

Love and Energies.

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Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

That's exciting! I love getting packages in the mail! Usually it's just bills - bleh :P