Sunday, May 10, 2009

Iszle Pocket Mirror Review

I am quite excited for my first real product review! Yesterday, I told you about my Christmas in the mail day last week. Well, one of those wonderful packages contained the Night Owl pocket mirror to the right.

I had won this from a contest held by Mama Makes Money and couldn't wait to get it! And now that I got it, I can't wait to do the feature and product review =]

This cute pocket mirror comes from Iszle on Etsy.

When it came, I ripped that puppy open(okay, maybe opened enthusiastically) because I couldn't remember what I had ordered; But when I realized it was the mirror, I was so excited! It came in a wonderful little black pouch and when I took the mirror out, I fell in love :D It's the cutest little mirror you would ever want to get! Its definitely pocket size so it barley takes up any room at all. My sister was quite jealous of me when I showed it to her. Lol

A little about the store Iszle and it's owner Nadine:

She is a mother of a little 3 year old daughter and wanted a way to spending as much time at home with her as possible while making a little extra money. When her friend introduced her to Etsy and she purchased her first handcrafted lovely, she was hooked!

From a solitary vision to a two-store reality, she made it from the ground up along with the support of her husband! Their other store, The Pendant Factory, is quite a big success also. Between the two stores, she has a combined sales total of over 1800 items!

You can find anything from scrabble tile pendant necklaces to cute little pocket mirrors like the one I got, to magnets and keyrings! She also has things such as Badges, Key rings, Zipper Pulls, and Bottle openers. Talk about a variety O.o

Nadine and her husband are hoping to launch a T-shirt range later this year.

Both of her shops are having a wonderful special right now. With every purchase - feature our store on your blog (NEEDS TO INCLUDE AN IMAGE). Prove it by sending us a link during checkout and we’ll send 1 extra free POCKET MIRROR OR KEYRING - your choice.

For more information, check it out Here.

When asked what advice she she could share, she had this to say: "If you see something and think to yourself 'I could do that' GO FOR IT! There's a great sense of satisfaction in learning something new, and being able to do something you love."

I highly suggest checking out both of her shops. Her prices are very reasonable and her merchandise is too cute! I can't wait to go out on a day on the town and whip out my amazing mirror to fix my lipgloss. I will ravish in all the envious looks I get! He he

Love and Energies.


Unknown said...

Great review! Those mirrors are just super cute :)

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Adorable mirrors :D

Unknown said...

So so cute!
Pocket mirrors are fun. I think i want one...