Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pay it Forward

I think only once before, I heard that certain Etsians do listings called PIFs or Pass It Forwards and I had completely forgot about this certain 'phenomenon' if you will up until a few days ago when I featured one lovely lady. Carole from Reduxredux on Etsy(Read the feature and enter the giveaway Here) kindly explained to me what a PIF was when she did one to promote The Eclectic Element, her feature and her ongoing giveaway.

"PIF stands for Pay It Forward. It's basically a listing that you post for free or nearly free in order to extend a kindness to someone else. Usually, after you purchase a PIF you post your own in your shop or do something else nice for someone. It's really fun - an addictive!"

After she explained what it was, I was curious so I went on Etsy and searched under the keyword 'PIF.'

I was flabbergasted!! There are over 85 pages of kind hearted Etsians who offer their goods and or services for free! Or a very deep discount where you only pay the listing price and shipping.

It amazes me how much the crafting and artist community can come together and help each other out. I swear, if the whole world were crafters and artists, I think this recession would be a lot easier.

This all makes me want to do more! I enjoy featuring artists and crafters, but I wish there was more that I could do. If you have a chance, go on over to Etsy and look through all the PIFs they have listed. If your really feeling in the mood, list a PIF of your own and join the movement!

When I get better and have the time, I'm definitely going to jump in the Pass it Forward undertaking =]

Love and Energies.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Voices of Lyme Disease-Breaking the Silence

My friend Victoria who also suffers from Lyme Disease made this video when we first became friends. In the video, she sums up the life of a Lymie very perfectly while featuring a few such as myself and another friend of ours.

Please watch this and learn from what is shows you; This is preventable!

I just want to thank all of you for coming back each Thursday in the Month of May. It means very much to me and the other people who suffer from Lyme Disease.

If you all have any comments, questions, or concerns, make sure to let me know! I'm happy to talk with you about this =]

Love and Energies.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday at the Flea Market

Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I way overdid it this weekend, so I wasn't able to take and or load pictures until now.
So here are the lovely pictures from my excursion to the annual Memorial Day flea market in Rockford:
(It's funny cause now that I blog, I take the camera EVERYWHERE!)

Here are just some of the vendors that set up for the weekend. It was easily a 150 to 200 vendor market that wrapped around the whole building's parking lot it was held in!

Of course one of the vendor's merchandise. I was particularly taken with the turquoise Foo Dog to the right :D Although it wasn't breath-taking, I love anything oriental(Plus I already have a cast iron one).

I had to take a picture of this little guy when I came upon him because he reminded me so much of my friend. It was the little look on his face between creepy and mischievous that reminded me of him -Lol-

And of course my best bargain of the day:

It was amazing! The guy had multiple jars and bags of junk and usable jewelry for sale. After viewing most of them and picking and choosing what was worth the price, I came up with the pickle jar above. And Guess what? It was HALF OFF O.o I got it for a mere $7.50!

I think I will keep you all guessing on whats in it until another post ;-)

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Love and Energies.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Welcome to another Mailbox Monday here at The Eclectic Element!! I hope you all enjoyed last weeks The Making of a Good Cause and the ending result =]

I hope to do more series as time goes on because frankly, I love doing them! They are just so darn fun and they keep me pretty occupied.

Anyway, here is everything I got in the mail for this past week(and I know, I kept a list to remember everything):

Oh yes. In the mail one day last week, I got me my federal tax return!! *Cha ching*

The funny thing was, we didn't realize that I could file for a tax return until the very last day-April 14th.

But I did it all by myself(federal and state), sent them babies in, and then waited, which rewarded me with a nice $167.00!

Happy day! I'm still waiting for my state one =]

I got my $2.00 off coupon from Free Sample Freak(TOTALLY go over and check her site out. So may freebies, so little time)!

It was so awesome because I love dove products. Unfortunately, I haven't been up and 'out' for myself in awhile so I decided to play nice and gave the coupon to my sister who is also a big dove product fan =]

Finally, my friend Suzy(who was the one who introduced me to E.A.R.S) also is a fellow Lymie. Her current treatment consists of going to Switzerland to a special clinic and doctor. I was very interested in who and what she was doing treatment wise, so when I asked, she said she would send me a pamphlet. Well, little did I know she meant book! She was so sweet to order me a book on Amazon about what she was doing!

I skimmed it(before my mum hijacked it from me) and it's so interesting!! I can't wait to implement some of the things they talk about.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wing Ding 2009-WHY!?

Do you know how DEPRESSED I am right now!? No, I don't think you do. View the picture above with all those amazingly wonderfully awesome ROCKIN' bands.
Yes, that is Wing Ding 2009.


Wing Ding is something that happens in Rockford every year this time that combines 8 to 12 awesome bands every year in one place. I was able to go last year because I had done the hbot so I was doing pretty good at that time and let me say: OMFG.

I had the best time:

*Mosh pits(I didn't go in one mind you, but I was tired of being shoved around so I kicked someone pretty good when they came around)

*Being way up front near the stage

*My favorite bands

*Singing and rockin along as they perform

*Hanging with and seeing all your friends

COME ON! I'm so upset I can't go this year. Like seriously down in the dumps ='[ They have a great line-up this year too. Of course Saliva, Saving Abel, 10 Years, Powerman 5000(Why?!), Shinedown, and a few others I'm not familiar with.
Here are some pictures from last year.
I guess the memories will have to sustain me.

*Another Sigh*

The crowds when I arrived at the second band

The stage and crowd. I was waaaaaaaaay up in front!

Me and some of my friends. Thats a bad picture of me because by that time, I was filthy with dust and dirt(It was held at a speedway)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Little Sister is Little No More!

My little sister is little no more! Goddess, today is the day she graduates high school and it's hitting me in little bouts at a time. This whole past week, I've been going through each minute normally, but sometimes when I see everyone preparing for the graduation party or running out to get shoes to wear to the ceremony, It hits me!
Just yesterday I remember being a freshman and dreading my sister coming to high school the next year because it wouldn't be 'just mine' anymore and now I'm out and she's getting out of there too and moving on to bigger and better things.
I don't know if I'm going to be able to do a lot of posting this weekend, but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial day, first of all, and second let everyone know I'm still here, just a little preoccupied.
I'm also coming up with a 'new' blog so that's taking some of my time.
Busy busy busy!
Love and Energies.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Praying For Lymies-Jennifer's Story

For those of you who aren't familiar, throughout the month of May, in the place of my Health Advice Thursdays(previously moved from Mondays), I am dedicating every Thursday to Lyme Awareness since the month of May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

And for those of you who do know, I would like to introduce you to our next featured Lymie who has shown that Lyme isn't gonna keep her down! She has dedicated her time to promote awareness and help others in similar situations get recognized and acknowledged.

Meet Jennifer!

Jennifer has been fighting Lyme Disease for going on 12 years now ever since she was bitten by a tick in 1995. To her, this journey was a puzzle. The 'puzzle pieces' included vomiting, seizures, headaches, muscle twitches, joint pain, dizziness, nausea, rashes, memory loss, confusion, difficulty walking due to joint pain, sleeping way too much, ear ringing, word finding problems, low body temperature, loose stools, blurry vision and the list goes on and on.

"I didn't realize a tiny tick could cause all of these problems," she told me in her email.

After seeing numerous doctors and being diagnosed with many things such as Fibro, Lupus, and even brain cancer, Jennifer decided to finally see a doctor who specialized in Lyme Disease in her area. The first appointment they had, the doctor asked multiple questions and she answered all of them. "I'll never forget the words out of his mouth, "Jennifer, I know what you have and I can help. You have Lyme Disease."

She told me when she left that office, she felt hope; She felt like someone finally understood her and all those 'pieces' where put together.

After that whole ordeal, Jennifer decided she wanted to start a blog for herself. Why? Because generally, lymies have a lot of memory problems and it's very important to remember some of the things you are going through. If not for yourself, then for the future. So she started her personal blog, Living the Lyme Life.

If you would like to read more about Jennifer and her journey, you can do so Here.

In February of this year, Jennifer had an idea to put together a blog for other lymies such as herself. She wanted to dedicate this to all of those who are sick and need healing so she started compiling a list of names of people she knew with Lyme. " I didn't know how I would pull it off, but I knew with my determination that I would be able to do it."

And so, Praying For Lymies came to be! It started out with a few close friends and one lymie per week, but as the requests started pouring in, it became quite clear she was going to have to expand that one lymie a week to two.
As the requests came, she realized that she was booked solid for the next four months!
"With more requests coming in daily, I decided it was important that in the month of May I needed to feature three Lymies per week."
So how about that?! From one lymie a week to three in just 3 short months!
If you know of anyone who would like to be featured, have them go to Jennifer's Blog, Praying For Lymies, leave a comment on either blog with contact information. OR you can click at the top of the Praying For Lymies blog where it says "click here to post to blog." It will bring up an "email." This email can be used to post a prayer for a featured Lymie or to contact me so that I
know they want to be featured.
For the month of May, Jennifer has also:
*Put a Lime Green Ribbon on her mail box.
* Wears a lime green ribbon around her belt loop every day.
*Became active in contacting North Carolina Legislative Members to spread the word on Lyme Disease and the importance of supporting Physicians that treat diseases in an unconventional way.
So there are just a few things you can do to help raise awareness! It can be as simple as tying a green ribbon around your mailbox to as complicated as contacting your local government and making them aware.
A big thanks to Jennifer and all the other lymies out there raising awareness! We are one step closer to being helped thanks to all of you =]
Love and Energies.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mailbox Monday

It's Mailbox Monday again!! Yay yay yay yay =] However, for this Mailbox Monday I thought I would do something different. Not only am I going to tell you what I received in the mail this past week, BUT, I'm going to also introduce you to a week-long blog series I have put together on a very great cause I helped out!

I know, great right!?

Well first of all, lets tell you what I got in the mail:

Part 1:

1. As you all know, I did a contest and a feature for Melissa of ElegantRoseBoutique on Etsy last week. Well Melissa was so sweet and sent me one of her Incredible All Natural Chocolate Mint Essential Oil Soap Bars! Thank you Melissa =] I can't wait to use it!

2. I had won a contest for one bottle of Sweet Leaf Tea and another buy one get one free coupon from Sweeps 4 Bloggers and that came on Saturday along with a cute little sticker! I love that stuff because it's completely natural and it's one of the only ones I can drink(and if it's not, my mum or sister can always enjoy the coupons!)^.^

Part 2:

I do believe I should explain the situation before I tell you what I got. I will do a separate blog to divulge more into what I'm doing, but so you get the gest of the whole thing, my friend who lives in California works with endangered African animals. One of the big animals they focus on is the elephant and they were having a banquet to raise money for the organization she belongs to.

One of the major things was they had both an auction and a silent auction to raise money for the elephants, so I asked if I could contribute something to the auction. When she said of course, I went in search of the perfect components for the bracelet I wanted to make and this is what I got!

1. A sterling silver elephant charm from none other then PerfectPartz on Etsy! when I saw this lovely elephant, I knew right away it was 'The One' for my bracelet.

2. A sterling silver double bracelet toggle clasp from Beadware IL on Ebay. If your not familiar with the company name, their user name is Wooden_Flower. Again, it was 'The One' for the bracelet that was forming in my mind =]

3. Last but not least, I wanted to put symbolizm into my bracelet. So I went in search of the perfect stone beads and I found them at 24 Hour Gems on Ebay. Their username is the same as their store, 24hourgems.

For my week long series, I will be featuring these three companies and doing a review of the products I got. So keep checking back for more!

Love and Energies.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

GoodKarmaSoap Review and Giveaway(5/27)

I'm quite excited because today I finally get to do a review for Blaire of Good Karma Soaps on Etsy!
She was kind enough to send me a bar of her amazing smelling Azurite Malachite Crystal Soap(seen to the right).

When I received the soap in the cute little red box, I was absolutely thrilled! I could smell the soap even before I opened the package.

I passed it around because naturally, my family was there to horn in on my 'moment' Lol but it was okay! They all loved the smell and color as much as I did =]

It's amazing how something so simple like the kindness of a stranger and the gift of a little handmade soap can do for a person! As many of you know, I don't have all that much energy these days and bathing is a very hard chore for me. But with this soap, I was able to look forward to my shower instead of dreading it and feel good and clean when I got out! Not to mention smell great! Lol

Some information you might want to know about Blaire:

*She accepts paypal, checks and money order

*Her soaps are available for wholesale! Just check Here for more information about wholesale prices and discounts.

*Soaps are made fresh to order and will take three days after initial purchase to ship.

*She uses U.S Postal Service but if you need expedited shipping, please let her know and it will be priced right away.

If you take a look at her store, you can find ANYTHING! And I do mean anything(soap wise that is). She has some of the cutest soaps from little legos for your little boy to absolutely gorgeous gemstone soaps. That woman can create anything when it comes to soap!

And not only did she send me her product to try, she has offered a $25.00 gift certificate to her store Good Karma Soaps!

So here's whatcha gotta do to enter:

1. Stop by Good Karma Soaps Etsy shop and take a look around. Then come back here and post your favorite thing in a comment.
2. Suggest an idea for a brand new soap 'flavor.' We want to hear your wonderfully creative ideas!

1. Follow me on Twitter @TheEclecticE

2. Tweet about this contest and leave a us a link.
3. Follow my blog TheEclecticElement
4. Grab my button
5. Blog about this contest linking GoodKarmaSoaps Shop AND the contest's URL

Isn't that simple?! The only two things you have to remember are:
A.) Leave a way to reach you if you win. An email or blog url will suffice!
B.) Leave each entry in a seperate comment

This contest will run until Wednesday May 27, 2009 11:59 pm central standard time. I will contact the winner within 24 hours of drawing their name. You have 72 hours to claim your prize and send me your shipping information. If I haven't heard from you within that time frame, I will choose another winner.

You never know what a little karma will do!
Good Luck Everyone!

08' vs. 09'


So Tuesday I went to my sister's senior awards at my old high school. It's insane how my little sister is graduating high school within a week. I know I have only been out a year, but getting to see her graduate and putting together her party is really hitting me in both good and bad ways.

Also what hit me the most was sitting there listening to the principle and assistant principle announce each student, their awards and scholarships, where they were accepted and what they plan to be; Sure I know that most of them are not going to end up being what they announced, not because they can't, but because they probably will change their mind halfway through the schooling. It's just two things.

One, I SHOULD have been there last year. I should have been getting awards and scholarships and hearing the announcement that I was accepted to a certain college and that I was going to be whatever I planned on being. But unfortunately sitting there yesterday made me realize how much was really taken from me.

Two, listening to all those students accomplishments made me feel pretty inadequate. Even though I am sick and know I can't do these things, hearing it all makes me feel like a bum despite the fact that I'm sick.

I guess this pity-party-for-one post is about the fact that I should be out and making my mark on the world. Instead, I've been here for a year unable to do much of anything.

Ah, life and all its strangeness.

Making a Difference-Elaina's Story

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and for those of you who aren't aware, I am trying to do my part in raising awareness! There are so many people out there with Lyme, it's downright scary. But on my journey, I have met some amazing people and these posts are devoted to them and what they are doing to raise awareness.

So, I would like you to say hello to Elaina, our next wonderful Lymie who is lending her helping hand this month.
A little about Elaina and what she is doing:

Elaina is 13 years old and first came down with Lyme Disease in October of 2007. Her initial symptom was a chronic migraine that would not go way. Because of that, she had to quite playing soccer and soon after, became bedbound with chronic pain. Elaina, like many lymies in her situation, saw multiple Doctors and tried many therapies including Cranial Sacreal Work and Hippo therapy. Since then, she has gotten great support and education through this battle including the site where we met!
"It took me 8 months of education and slow acceptance to understand that my doctors were not cooperating." Finally, her mother on a whim went to a Lyme support group and realized that this was what Elaina had.

From there on, they pursued testing and finally after 1 year of being sick, had a full and definite diagnosis and started on treatment. "This was in September '08, After 1 year of delusional MD.s and two tests through a local lab, both proving negative for Lyme! Now I have been on treatment 1/2 a year and most likely will be for awhile."

Since then, Elaina has been participating in raising awareness in her local community. Some of the things she has been doing in the month of May are putting together screenings of the Lyme documentary Under Our Skin in and around her area, meeting with the Governor of New Hampshire which included him signing a legal proclamation that May is New Hampshire Lyme Awareness Month for 2009, constantly wearing the bright Lime green color helps which helps engage people into conversation, making educational brochures to pass around, bringing the Lyme controversy to schools and educating them on the dangers of the disease, and so much more!
I have to say, when I heard about ALL that she has done, I was totally blown away! It's very admirable that despite how she feels, she can go out and hold her own when it comes to this horrible disease.

When asked why she feels raising awareness is important, Elaina had this to say; "It is a necessary duty to raise awareness of this illness to me because of the battle I've undergone with the unknowledgeable medical systems. i also believe that it is important that you try with sincere effort to stem any issues in the first place with proper prevention and precaution, which most people have the wrong idea with in the first place. People need to protect themselves so it doesn't happen, and if it does end up happening they need to know the right way to approach the medical community, and the right things to do for it!"

Despite all that Elaina has done to better her community against Lyme, she still wishes she could do more. "Education is the most important thing to the country now, although the medical system may not change immediately!"

Thanks to Elaina for making a difference!

Love and Energies.

Outnumbered 3 to 1 Launch Party!

If your not aware, my friend Melissa over at ShimmerMeBlue has a new blog! Outnumbered 3 to 1 is up and running and to launch the blog, Mel is having a launch party!
One whole week full of amazing giveaways and wonderful fun. How cool is that?!
Some giveaways going that are going on right now are:

Win a $100.00 gift certificate from Moxie Shoes
Ends May 26, 2009

Oh my goodness! You NEED to check out the Moxie site. They have the most amazing shoes and accessories I have ever seen!

Win a $25.00 gift certificate from Fusion of Color Cosmetics!
Ends May 26, 2009
If you check out the Fusion of Color Cosmetics site, they have a wide variety of everything you can think of when it comes to make-up!

Win a Fun Tshirt from Crazy Dog Tshirts!

Ends May 26, 2009

The Crazy Dog Tshirt website has quite a few witty and fun tshirts to choose from! I know I totally want the Golden Girls one =]

Hop on over to Melissa's blog party and enter these wonderful giveaways!

Good Luck!

Iszle Pocket Mirror Review

I am quite excited for my first real product review! Yesterday, I told you about my Christmas in the mail day last week. Well, one of those wonderful packages contained the Night Owl pocket mirror to the right.

I had won this from a contest held by Mama Makes Money and couldn't wait to get it! And now that I got it, I can't wait to do the feature and product review =]

This cute pocket mirror comes from Iszle on Etsy.

When it came, I ripped that puppy open(okay, maybe opened enthusiastically) because I couldn't remember what I had ordered; But when I realized it was the mirror, I was so excited! It came in a wonderful little black pouch and when I took the mirror out, I fell in love :D It's the cutest little mirror you would ever want to get! Its definitely pocket size so it barley takes up any room at all. My sister was quite jealous of me when I showed it to her. Lol

A little about the store Iszle and it's owner Nadine:

She is a mother of a little 3 year old daughter and wanted a way to spending as much time at home with her as possible while making a little extra money. When her friend introduced her to Etsy and she purchased her first handcrafted lovely, she was hooked!

From a solitary vision to a two-store reality, she made it from the ground up along with the support of her husband! Their other store, The Pendant Factory, is quite a big success also. Between the two stores, she has a combined sales total of over 1800 items!

You can find anything from scrabble tile pendant necklaces to cute little pocket mirrors like the one I got, to magnets and keyrings! She also has things such as Badges, Key rings, Zipper Pulls, and Bottle openers. Talk about a variety O.o

Nadine and her husband are hoping to launch a T-shirt range later this year.

Both of her shops are having a wonderful special right now. With every purchase - feature our store on your blog (NEEDS TO INCLUDE AN IMAGE). Prove it by sending us a link during checkout and we’ll send 1 extra free POCKET MIRROR OR KEYRING - your choice.

For more information, check it out Here.

When asked what advice she she could share, she had this to say: "If you see something and think to yourself 'I could do that' GO FOR IT! There's a great sense of satisfaction in learning something new, and being able to do something you love."

I highly suggest checking out both of her shops. Her prices are very reasonable and her merchandise is too cute! I can't wait to go out on a day on the town and whip out my amazing mirror to fix my lipgloss. I will ravish in all the envious looks I get! He he

Love and Energies.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mailbox Monday

So as you can tell, Heath Advice has moved from it’s Monday slot to Thursday slot on The Eclectic Element if you didn’t get the memo on last Thursday’s post.

And if you did get the memo, this was the new feature I was talking about!

**Mailbox Monday**

I figured, “Hey, I love getting things in the mail and I know a lot of other people do too(Except bills; No one likes bills), so why not share my mail with everyone!?” So here it is! Mailbox Mondays =]

This will be held each Monday and I will share what I got in the mail for the whole previous week. Of course if it’s just a random piece of junk mail, I won’t waist your time and mine with sharing it with you. Unless of course it’s too funny not to share like the planned pregnancy packet I got back in my Freshman year of high school. Lol

So what did I get in the mail this week you ask?! Well, last Monday when I had come home from my doctor’s appointment, I was feeling quite bad emotionally and physically. But then the mail came and boy was it a surprise! It was like Christmas had come early and the mailbox was the underside of the tree ^.^ It cheered me right up!

All the packages in the mailbox that day were what I had won in previous weeks contests. They ALL came on the same day! What a coincidence is that?!

I got:

*A pair of stunning earrings from LoChristine along with a very heartfelt message that was included in the package.

*My funky charcoal beret from CaitiJo

*Of course the amazing owl pocket mirror from Iszle with it’s beautifully presented black drawstring bag.

I plan to do product reviews and features for all of these items so make sure to keep checking back too see what I’m up to next =]

Love and Energies.

Stop Dogs From Dying!

For those of you who like to take your doggies out with you on errand runs or to visit some friends just for a few minutes, your heart is in the right place! I mean who wouldn't want to bring their cute little lovable animal with them!?

But as May turnes to June and June to July, the temperatures are going to continue to rise outside and if the heat bothers you, how do you think your little furry coated pet feels? They lug around a fur coat every day no matter what the weather is like.

So how do you think they feel when they are left in a car in the middle of that swealtering summer day with a perminate fur coat attached? Not very good I can assume.

Every year, countless dogs die after being locked in cars while their guardians work, visit, shop, or run other errands. These tragic deaths are entirely preventable.

My Dog Is Cool is a website to help prevent these deaths by informing people of this danger to our canine friends.

Some cool things you can find on My Dog Is Cool website:

*A very usefull weather forecasting tool that allows pet owners to enter their zip code to see if it is too hot to take their dog in the car.

*"It's Hot" fliers to pass around to raise awareness. I plan on getting some because I see dog's unattended all the time in cars during the summer days. Here is the information on how to recieve your free fliers.

*Free downloadable “Hot Temperature Warning” posters that can be hung in store windows so you can let customers know that it's too hot to leave a dog in a car. You can find these Here

Looking around their website, I learned many interesting facts. It saddens me that animals have to die like this when it's completely preventable; All by the view of a placed flier or logging onto the My Dog Is Cool website and seeing if the weather is good enough to bring out your pet.

If you want to learn more about what you can do to help, you can check out their Spread The Word section on the site.

I for one am going to make a pledge to keep my dog cool and submit his picture into the website's photo gallery along with all the other 'cool' pets =]

I mean come on, who wouldn't do anything for that cute little booger face pictured to the right?!

**Note: This just doesn't pertain to dogs. All animals can and will be left unattended in cars throughout the summer and our goal is to prevent that!

Happy Mother's Day!

My mother. What can I say about this woman that gave birth to me, raised me, and loved me unconditionally? There really is nothing to say except I wouldn't be here without her; and no, I'm not talking about the the duh-she-gave-birth-to-you factor. I'm talking about the fact that if she didn't support me through my illness and leave no stone unturned like she has the past 5 1/2 years, I have no doubt I wouldn't be here.

The picture above is of me and my mum on the day I graduated high school. Normally, the kid did all the work to get up to the diploma phase and the parents are there to show their support, but for my case, this was a joint effort. She deserved that diploma as much as I did for all the yelling phone calls, parent teacher confrences, and visits to those who screwed things up or screwed me over she did throughout the 4 years of high school.

I just wish that I could give back to her on the only day that is designed for a mother. If I were walking, I could have gotten her a present and a card, did some work around the house to help her, or something else that would help her out and make her feel special.

Instead when asked what she wanted for mothers day, all she told me was, "For my baby to be better."

She deserves the absolute best, and when I get better, I will be sure to make that happen to the best of my abilities.

For those mum's out there, Happy Mother's Day; You all deserve it. And for those children out there, make sure you acknowledge how much your mother has done for you and will keep doing for you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Amazing Saturday!

Okay so today has been one of the most best days ever! It all started about a week ago when I got an email from one of the yahoo groups I belong to about a holistic health fair here in Rockford.

Now, this is MY crowd; My 'scene' if you will so right when I read the description, I wanted to go more then anything.

Unfortunately, my mum had to take my sister everywhere today, my only friend was going out of town with her mum, and my dad was hunting. I pretty much lost hope until my tutor said she could do it because some kids of hers cancelled. And wouldn't ya know it, but my dad comes home early to take me =]

So I made it! But of course, that isn't the end of the obstacles. We pulled up to the place and it has stairs. Nothing was going to stop us though, so dad pulled out the wheelchair and lifted me all the way up those stairs into the house!

It was so wonderful! Right when I arrived, I felt a calm peace and knew this was a place that I wanted to spend my time in; To devote my time to.

The people where so nice and accommodating. I was able to get a 15 minute massage, consult with natural healers, view the wonderful artwork that was on display by the members there, walk(or more accurately wheel) part of the labyrinth on their property, talk with the founders of the place, and get a reflexology massage.

The thing about the last one is we were just about to leave when the lady came up and started talking to us about reflexology and what it deals with. Then she offered to give me one and I was thinking why not? 15 minutes won't hurt and I really do love the reflexology practice. But this lady gave me the royal treatment! One whole hour of massaging and working on my feet; She even brought in a second person to work on my other foot so I had two people working on me at once. It was truly amazing.

The best part of all of this is it was suggested donation so you could give whatever you wanted. Of course I gave very nice tips because it was well worth it and they all deserved it.

I love this place so much. It only costs $50.00 a year to become a member and for all that you get, it's well worth it. I plan on taking classes and volunteering and everything I can do to be apart of that wonderful community of woman.

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

You remember those high school days right? The classes you took and the friends you hung around with. Maybe your even still close to a few friends from the past or maybe you have moved on to new people. Of course who could forget the parties and homecoming football games?!

Honestly, I didn't have the greatest high school experience; Okay, who am I kidding? It pretty much sucked 99.9% of the time. But there is always good with the bad and when I was able to go to school and share some of the high school memories like homecoming and classes, it wasn't half bad.

I just had to post about the good old days today since it has been 1 year since I graduated high school. Actually, what I really want to post about is prom.

Today is my sister's senior prom and seeing her getting ready and rush around makes me kinda sad. Okay, It makes me depressed. Not just because of prom and all the hulabaloo of getting ready, but the fact that she's living a life and events like this bring my none existant life into focus yet again.

I was able to go to prom, but I didn't get to have the poofy dress or the amazing date. I had a boyfriend at the time, but looking back, I want to think of prom with someone who is more perminante; A month later we broke up. Lol

I hope she has an amazing time with her boyfriend of 2 1/2 years(yes, he is a fixture in our household every Friday through Monday morning and whenever he has time off) and that she makes so many memories that will last her a lifetime and beyond.

She deserves it :D

For those of you who want to see it, here is a picture of me on the day of my senior prom with one of my best friends.

I totally wish I would have taken off that sweater thing for the pictures. Lol

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

To help raise awareness, these next few Thursdays are dedicated to those people who are going out there and making a difference!

The past 5 1/2 years have been the hardest years of my life, but good always goes with the bad right? That good is all the wonderful people I have met, lymie and none lymie alike.

We have all come together for May and because of that, I have dedicated these posts to these wonderful people and the good they are doing.

So my first post for Lyme Disease Awareness Month is going to be about my own contribution to the cause:
As most of you know, I have been sick since 2004. In that time I have been through all the 'stages' of illness. From the denial of that first year to the fear and grief when it seemed I wasn't getting any better, to the anger I feel even now, to finally the acceptance stage. It has been the most difficult thing and even though I have accepted the fact that I have Lyme Disease, I still have those days and moments where I question everything and become angry.

But ultimatly, this is a good thing because I can help others who are going through the same things I have been through and help others who don't have to go through the same things.

Awareness is the key!

This is why I came up with my bracelets. They are not just made for lymies, but for all of those people who are sick and need hope. Especially those who want to come together to support one another. You don't have to be ill to want to be aware!

The Healing charm is a symbol of what we are all striving towards. Healing in every aspect.

When I am well enough, I hope to participate in more activities that will raise awareness, but right now, this is what I can contribute.

If your interested in a Healing Bracelet, they are in my store and they cost $15.00 with most of the profits going to those who are in need of treatment. The rest goes towards more supplies for more bracelets =]

This is the first of 4 blog posts that I plan to give you throughout the month of May. Remember, awareness is key and there are those people who are taking things into their own hands!

Love and Energies.

P.s. Just so you know everyone, from now on I am going to move health advice to Thursdays because for one, I have something new planned for monday, and for two, I think it's better suited for a Thursday.
Just my insanity coming into play =]

'You Just Need A Man'

Okay so I just HAD to share this with you guys because it was so absolutely outrageous, it was hilarious!

So today I wanted to go to some garage sales with my mum since I haven't been out of the house for myself in awhile. First of all, I didn't sleep a wink and I'm going on about 30 hours of no sleep AND the fact that when I don't sleep, my pain gets 10x worse just adds to the misery, but I wanted to go out anyway.

So mum brings home the Thursday paper when she came back from dropping my sister off at school and I highlight some promising sales that I want to look into and one is close to the house. We realize when we pull up to the closest one that this was the same sale we went to about a few months ago and it was A GOOD SALE! A rummagers dream =]

There are a lot of tools because it was an old guys estate so there are quite a few men around. My mum pops the trunk and gets out the wheelchair and we proceed to go and look around. Well, she wheels me into the garage and while looking around a big biker guy in his 40's hits on me WHILE my mother is pushing me around in the WHEELCHAIR!

At first I didn't realize what was going on because he asked about me and why I was in the chair and we matter of factly told him it's Lyme, how I got it, when etc etc. Of course he's going to be a total GUY and question everything we say and look at us like were a little crazy, but all of a sudden he says to me 'Oh all you need is a man to get you outta that chair!'

Oh yes he did.

That wasn't even the first time either. He phrased it many times in many ways, such as 'You don't have a fella?' and 'Oh I bet once you meet a nice guy, you'll perk right up.' Of course my mother was counting and the count ran up to about a dozen 'you need a man' varieties. Lol

Then he proceeded to tell me all about Florida and how he has a house down there and a Harley and whatnot putting great emphasis on 'Harley' and 'Florida House.'

When he finally left, my mother leaned down to me and said in my ear, 'You know he was hitting on you right?' Of course, my answer was 'Yup.'

So my day consisted of garaging and getting hit on by a long haired biker dude in his 40's while being pushed around by my mother in a wheelchair.

If I wasn't so amused by the fact that he hit on me, I would be pissed off at some of the things that came out of his mouth.

Monday, May 4, 2009

What Happened Monday You Ask?

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a good Wednesday!

I just thought I would inform everyone about my trip to the doctor on Monday. Apparently my appointment wasn't as early as we all thought so I got to sleep in until about 11:30. Which was ultimately a good thing because I didn't get to sleep the night before until about 2 or 3(which is a personal best for me fyi).

Like I said on Monday, I have no energy so I don't know how I made it. The car tip there was torture because of the severe pain I was in and the fact that the day before I ate a whole bag of raw pumpkin seeds in one sitting(don't EVER do that) and I was beyond sick to my stomach.

The doctor gave me my meyers cocktail and B 12 shot. We asked him our questions and he thinks for one thing that I have candida and I'm going to be going on a stricter diet then I was already on. He also suggested that I go back on the fish oils, conejack fiber, an anti-viral tincture and some other stuff I can't remember.

It was such a lovely day that day, I really didn't want to go home! You may think me crazy, but I stayed in the car while my mum ran errands. The pain was unbearable and I was a lot car sick, but I didn't want to come back home.
I mean come on, can you all imagine a month in bed doing nothing?!

Anyway that is all the update. Thank you all for the get well messages and comments you sent! I appreciate it all =]

If I'm not here every now and again, you all know why. New diet and new supplements=herxing and worn out.

Love and Energies.