Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girlies Only--I Despise Shaving My Legs...

I don't know about anyone else out there, but I seriously DESPISE shaving my legs. Of course when your a pre-teen, you cannot wait to start 'teenager' things like dating, driving, and shaving your legs(at least that was me).

I would take it all back on the last one! My mum always said, "Once you start, you can't stop you know." And of course, I didn't listen. But you have to start sooner or later and now that I'm 19, I wish I could go back and wait just that little bit longer.

Oh well! No need to dwell on the past.

Melissa over at ShimmerMeBlue did a review for an awesome looking shaver from Epilady. Here is a little information from their website:


There are many reasons why women use epilators to remove unwanted body hair. From our customer feedback, here are the top five:

• Results last for up to 4 weeks. Epilating takes about 15-20 minutes per leg, but is only done once a month.

• Hair grows back more slowly, and diminishes over time.

• New hairs grow back softer and lighter – “like a new blade of grass”.

• Epilating is much cheaper that waxing in a spa, much cleaner than waxing at home, and leaves no nicks and cuts like shaving.

• “I will never shave again!” has become the mantra of all veteran Epilady users. American women shave their legs 11 times a month, on average, with older women shaving more frequently than younger women. These ladies have had enough! They hate to shave, as easy and as fast as that may be, and absolutely hate the day-after stubble. Solution – they epilate, with a passion.

And here is the most amazing thing: Melissa is doing a giveaway for one of these babies!!!!! Oh boy, when I saw that, I entered that giveaway so fast I think I might have been the first person to sign up-Lol-

To enter the giveaway, here is the link:

Make sure you check it out and the Epilady website for a whole bunch more awesome items.

Love and Energies.

P.s. Good Luck!! ^.^


Unknown said...

My mom said the same thing to me, and I should have listened to her!
Thanks for blogging about the giveaway :)

Unknown said...

I left you something on my blog :)

Hypnotransformations said...

Sounds awesome! I'm going to go sign up now. Good luck to you with my hypnosis download giveaway =)